Sunday, October 29, 2006

Natural Healing

I wanted to take a minute and tell you about what happened a few weeks ago. My oldest daughter came to me with symptoms of a urinary tract infection. I used to get these all the time growing up and spent many weeks on antibiotics. Now that I know about yeast build up due to antibiotics I wanted to see what we could do without them. So I researched all night. I sent her to bed with a bottle of water. A few hours later I gave her another bottle. Throughout the night I made sure she drank plenty of water. This is very effective in flushing out the bad bacteria. The next day she was not allowed any sugar. I gave her lots of plain yogurt with blueberries mixed in. She also took a cranberry suplement three times that day. Once mixed in with her yogurt, once mixed in with some water and once she just wanted to swallow the capsule. I kept her drinking water. By the next morning she told me that she felt much better and it did not hurt to potty anymore. I kept her on the plan for the next two days just to be safe and she felt completly better by the end of the week. I never even had to call te doctor.
Please dont freak out and think that I would not take my child to the doctor and even have antibiotics in a minute if I needed to. Had she not shown any improvement the next day I would have taken her, but I think its important to know how to take care of our children without a doctor if we can. I read about all these possible epidemics and though Im not paranoid they make me think about what I would do if a doctor was not readily available for my family. Would I be able to take care of them? Just a thought to ponder.

Healthy changes

Just thought I would update on the changes around here.
We are drinking water almost all the time now. Occasionally we will brew up some cold brew tea from Lipton, but thats only when we get a craving. LOL
We are drinking at least a cup of Kefir a day. We get ours at Publix. Its the Lifeway brand. I have been searching ebay and a few other places to look for some starter grains.
Hubby and I are drinking raw milk. We are not comfortable giving it to the children yet and I dont know if I will say when we do, because some people might twist it around and try to accuse us of being negligent. I will report on how hubby and I do on the raw milk. We did a ton of research before we decided to go for it. We read alot of pro and a lot of con and eventually decided to try it. Taking the kefir daily will help any stomach problems we might encounter. I will tell you this about the milk its the best stuff ever. Its so yummy. Its thick and creamy and very filling.
Im reading through the Maker's Diet by Jordan Rubin. Im preparing to start ridding my body of yeast and I need to follow a pretty strict diet the first few weeks, so that the Yeast Assasin can do its work. A lot of people have suggested the Maker's Diet as a great way to go. I also have some books about yeast on hold at the library if I ever get down there.
We eat oatmeal and honey every day for breakfast and plain yogurt with fruit and either honey or maple syrup for lunch almost every day. We are eating beans and rice at least once a week. I just finished my first batch of chicken broth. I made like two gallons of the stuff with some chicken thighs that I got on sale. I threw those in with water, carrots, onions, garlic and basil. It smells so good and cost me pennies to make. I know everything that went into it and I feel like I accomplished something.
I made whole wheat bread for my family most of last week. I still need to tweak it a bit, but the kids liked it.
Im amazed at the energy I have. We went for walks almost everyday last week, in the morning. Im looking forward to incorporating another walk in the evening soon.
I was amazed at all that I accomplished last week around the house, in spite of being very ill a few days because of the time of month it was. And I can not recommend peppermint tea enough for this time period!! Im loving the new healthy lifestyle. Its funny all the verses I have run across in my daily Bible reading that deal with food. One day I will have to post about all of the interesting things God says about food. Of course I want to post some of the information I found out about raw milk to. Im also hoping to perfect some recipes and share them as well.
Ok I have to go, the kids are ready to read. :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Staying Home

So God just keeps convicting me. Believe it or not Im actually ENJOYING the things God has shown me in the past few weeks.
Here is a look at my schedule
Monday: Home
Tuesday: Bible Study, Play date
Wed: Home
Thurs: Home
Friday: Errands

Now last week looked like this.
Monday: Doctor for baby
Tuesday: Bible study, play date, haircuts
Wed: Playdate with new homeschool group (it was raining so we did not do this. Instead we ran errands all day!!)
Thursday: Home
Friday: Home

I have a Bible study I really enjoy on Tues morning. I think Im going to keep that. I am however going to see about playdate with my friends happening monthly. I just joined a homeschool group and they meet once a month for park days, once a month for a field trip and then once a month for meetings. They also have a co op that meets every week which I was struggling with joining. I will stay with the homeschool group through the year and see how it goes. But I will not be joining the co op.
I really need to be at home. I need to be homeschooling, playing with my kids, reading to them, and keeping my home. I will go on field trips once a month, maybe do the park day once a month, and visit with my friends once a month. I am also not going to put my kids in any extra activities for now. The exception is when we get a piano, the two older girls will start piano lessons. I will try to keep errand day on Friday, because thats our light school day. I just need to be home more.
God has shown me that through a lot of different ways. Im frustrated because I dont think we are getting anything out of homeschooling (or at least not what I think we should be getting out of it) its becoming book work. BLECH! My house is a disaster no matter that I spend most of the time I am home puttering around it. And we are down to one car for the forseeable future. Its a pain to drive all the way across town twice a day. A pain! And when its raining and rush hour...well lets just say I use that time to praise the Lord Im not working anymore! LOL
I had a revelation the other night. Ya know in pioneer days unless they lived in a big town the kids rarely had school. Maybe they had church a few times a month if they were fortunate. The kids saw their friends on rare trips to town and when familys came a calling. They adapted and made do with socializing with their families. Why cant we be content with this as well? I mean my kids get church every week. So thats more socialization then the pioneer kids had, right?

Ok thats my soapbox for today. :)
Be blessed.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Benefits of healthy living

Well one of the benefits I have noticed over the past week is more energy. I dont want to sit and play on the computer as much. LOL I have not changed much, just tried to cut out some of our white sugar and drink more water. Today I feel like I am coming down with a cold so I have been popping vitamin C and drinking hot lemon and honey tea. Im making some now for hubby and I. He has a cough that wont go away. Im looking into garlic remedies as well.
We have been buying Keifer at Publix lately. We tried the cherry kind which was way to sour for me and now we have the peach kind which we all like. I am hoping to get some starter and make my own keifer soon. Check out the benefits of keifer, you'll be amazed.
I just ordered Yeast Assasin and Tummy Tuneup Original blend from beeyoutiful. Im hoping to do the water cure also. Just to try it out. I have not been able to make bread yet... but thats another post. WOW the areas Im convicted in right now.
OK well just wanted to update. Now I have to go back and add all these links *sigh*. :)

Be Blessed

Monday, October 9, 2006

Update on the church thing...

Well as of last Sunday we dont have a church "home". My husband stood up and basically called the Pastor to forgive and move on and the pastor buried his head in the sand. He thinks there is nothing wrong. Hubby wont let us sit under a pastor who will not follow the word of GOD. We met with a group of like minded people from the church yesterday. We watched an awesome video and prayed and discussed the future. For now we will just continue in prayer, being careful to seek God's will and then we will see where God leads us. There is some talk of trying to start a church, but once again a lot of praying going on.
All of these changes around, I just feel like Im on a roller coaster. Its exciting but very nerve racking.
Tomorrow I will be posting some health research I have been doing.

Saturday, October 7, 2006

Operation: Clean out the pantry

So for the next week or so I will be working hard to only eat our of what is in our pantry. I WANT Mother Hubbards cupboards to be bare. I want to start over. Not to mention the money I will save not grocery shopping. Ok, I will do a little grocery shopping. Hubby has to have a little meat and the kidlets have to have milk. And I will probably buy some fresh produce, but I want my meals to center around the cans of veggies and tomato products in my pantry..along with who knows what else. In the next couple of weeks I will be joining an co-op in town that I just found out about. I will begin making my own bread next week. I am reading a lot about whole foods, herbal remedies, and cleansing our bodies. I will definatly keep you all posted on the changes. Im looking for three things to change this month. I will update on what they are in the next post. There is so much information out there. :)

Friday, October 6, 2006

A new post...finally!

Every time I have tried to blog this week, blogger has been acting up....dont make me go back to homeschoolblogger for all my blogging needs. LOL
Anyways I have to hurry because as soon as hubby comes home we are off to my brother's softball game.
I have found a new website that I adore. Actually most of my allotted computer time (and maybe even a little of my not so allotted time) has been at this message board. OH the things I have learned. I found out about it in the latest issue of No Greater Joy magazine when their daughter had an article about using natural medicine to help heal some friends who were in a motorcycle accident. It was amazing. Anyways, the website is Its full of information on natural foods, diet and remedies. Plus oh so much more. SET THE TIMER! You will be at this sight all day.
The other day.... Wednesday I think, God convicted me. He wants to move me to a healthier lifestyle this year because of changes He wants to make in our life next year. I will need a lot of energy for the tasks I have to learn next year to prepare for our move in the next two years. I cant go into a lot of detail, but God has really revealed some of the future of our family to me and I am so excited. It involves a lifestyle that I am completly and totally new to and cant believe that I will be able to accomplish what He has in mind. Of course as someone once said, If God brought you to it, God will bring you through it. Or God does not call the equipped, He equips the called. Of course the confirmation of my revelation was hubby coming home from work and announcing that He thinks God is calling Him to a career change. A HUGE career change. If you know us personally, please dont ask yet what the career change is. I promise you will know soon enough. No, its not a Preacher..although that would have been my choice over this anyday of the week. LOL. Hubby will need support, encouragement, and a healthier lifestyle especially in the next few months as he prepares. IMAGINE. God gave me a revelation in the A.M. to really truly begin persuing a healthier lifestyle and then in the afternoon God told hubby that he would need to change careers and it will DEMAND a healthier lifestyle. Im so awed with God right now.
Please be in prayer, especially for my strong, handsome man as he leads the family through the changes in the next few months. Pray for him as he starts to loose weight, get in better shape, and eat healthier. Understand he cant even begin to persue this new career if he is not in top physical condition. Pray for him emotionally as he really does not want this career, but knows he will be happy in it, because it is God's will. Pray that I will have the knowledge and wisdom to do my part in making healtier lifestyles for our whole family. So much to pray for! We really do appreciate any and all of your prayers. I will keep you updated. The minute hubby releases me to let you all know what his career change will be I will tell you. AND then you will know why I need your prayers most of all. ;) LOL.