Thursday, October 14, 2010

And the next day...

I just realized yesterday that I have been duplicating a lot of my pictures in posts. I guess you can always tell which ones are my favorites. LOL
My bedroom project is moving right along. Last night I made sure all of our bed linens were washed. It was wonderful to go to bed on clean fresh sheets. Today when I got up I took the time to make up the bed. I cleared all the clutter from around our bed. I made sure all of my pictures were in the picture box and pulled out the framed ones that I want to hang up in the room.

I finished sorting through the baby stuff on one side of the room. Almost everything has a place. I have to clean off my shelf to make room for the rest of the stuff.
Today I will tackle the side of the room that somehow became our clothing storage spot. I have all the kids "winter" clothes in boxes on that side of the room. I need to get those moved to their closets. I also have a few baby bags to go through over there.

As a bonus I found a couple of packs of size one diapers we will be whipping through the next two weeks. A friend dropped off a huge pack of size 1-2 diapers so we will be set, I think. I have two smaller packs of size 3. I don't forsee buying diapers for a few months. :)
It's so freeing to say goodbye to stuff!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Bedroom Challenge

Whew! Time sure does fly right now. We finally got back into school slowly but surely. Hoping we can build some sort of momentum.
But for now I really want to post about my bedroom. Just a note though, there are NO before pictures... I am hoping for some after pictures. LOL
About a month before Lily was born my nesting instinct was CRAZY and it all focused on my bedroom. I had hubby finish putting in our new floors and paint over the red walls with a nice light creamy yellowish white color. We were in the process of finishing painting and rearranging everything when my water broke a week early. My room has stayed in a constant state of chaos since!

Today while I was nursing Lily I decided to watch an episode of Hoarders. Ladies, if you want inspiration and motivation to clean up your house look this show up. It's on Netflix Instant Play right now. Talk about a swift kick in the seat!
I ended up watching two episodes and then I hauled my lazy rump off the couch and hit my bedroom running!

Right now I am sorting through my baby clothes and boxing up the newborn clothes for future use, I hope, one day. I also still have some bags with baby gifts in them that I am going through. I took a water break and though, oh let me post this on my blog for accountability.
Hopefully next Wednesday I will be back with some after pictures. That is my plan. I wish I could do it all in one day, but I do have a family that needs me. :)

So, I am challenging myself to make a clean, organized, peaceful space for me and my man (and our little baby girl who shares our room right now).
Plus, honestly, how can I get onto the kids for not having a clean room, when mine is such a disaster???
Join me if you'd like!