Monday, August 30, 2010

Hows it going?

My plans last week were thwarted over and over again. Of course that's how life goes. :)
I overslept two days and one day I spent at the hospital with my mom for some fixing up on her. She's fine. Of course carting around Lily in her carseat was no fun. I'm definitely getting a Moby wrap until she is big enough for the Ergo without the infant insert. I am really sad that the infant insert is not working out for us.
The rest of the week was a blast! We went to Chuck E Cheese, the beach, bowling, and the museum. The beach was HOT! I now remember why we go around 4pm when we go. But we had fun with our home school group. Lily did awesome and I had some more practice nursing in public. I don't think I will ever get used to it. :)

This week we started our informal school schedule. We are working on workbooks until the end of September when we start our real school schedule. Today was almost a bust because I had to take my mom to the social security office, but we were in and out so I was able to get home and do some more schooling before lunch.
Slowly but surely we will get back into the groove. :)
Be Blessed!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

How do you get back to normal?

I have a few steps I am going to take.
The first one is to make sure that I pick up my Bible and prayer journal every day. Why is it that the first thing to go when your life is topsy turvy is your Bible reading? Shouldn't it be the one thing you continue to do during the chaos? Crazy!

The second is to sit down on Sunday evenings and come up with a meal plan and schedule for the next week. Right now working out a schedule on a week by week basis works for me. I can glance at my calendar and see what is going on for the week and plan around that. Like I said before this week will be a really fun week, but I would like to start our read alouds again and I want to get some projects done as well. I have to loosely schedule everything right now with the baby, but having written down what comes next will help when I am pulled away by my precious baby.

The third thing I will be doing is revamping our chore system. I need to streamline it more so that I can check up on how everyone is doing in a more efficient way. I'm still noodling this as I'm not sure how I am going to work it out. I need to give Jonathan some chores and really Tamara needs to start learning how to work in the kitchen. So, lots to think on here.

And the fourth thing I am going to do is continue to read other peoples blog posts and ideas. It sounds like it's counterproductive to getting more organized, but it's what motivates me. My new favorite thing is the link up on Raising Homemakers. I am so motivated just from that! I am the type of person who reads Little House on the Prairie, Janette Oke or an Amish fiction book and I want to hop right up and go make my house a little homier. Blog time for me is educational time. I'm constantly learning.
I hope to get back to semi regular blogging. It's a nice outlet for all the thoughts in my head. :)
Be Blessed!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Getting Back To Normal

And what exactly is this normal I am speaking of?? :)
It's being a wife, mother, and homemaker. It's trying to re-prioritize my life. It's recognizing that this small wonder really needs me right now, but so do my other children. It's eeking out time with my wonderful husband and trying to reestablish a comfortable home life for the rest of the family.

My baby is growing up so quickly. She is already 2 months old. Where is the time going??
I have tried off and on to get some school going but it's not working out.
Next week we will celebrate the first week of public school here by playing.
We will play at Chuck E Cheese on Monday, the Museum on Tuesday, the beach on Wednesday, bowling on Thursday, Friday is TBD.
I plan to post on my Large Family Review Blog about how we managed the whole week affordably.
After our week of play we will buckle back down to our Read Alouds and finishing up workbooks.
The last week in September we will formally start our new year.

In the mean time I will be thoroughly cleaning the house and rearranging/reorganizing some of the more cluttered areas.
I will be working with the children to reestablish their chores. Right now it's almost an anything goes scenario with their chores and that is SO not working out for me. :)
Lily is getting older and is establishing a more set routine for herself. Right now it's totally baby led as far as feeding and napping. But I am seeing more of a pattern.
My kids need more of a routine, my hubby needs more of a routine, and I surely need more of a routine. It's been pretty chaotic around here.
I have new ideas and new tricks up my sleeve. We'll see how it goes!