Monday, April 30, 2007

Who Needs A Building?

The funniest thing is going on in my church right now. We are averaging about 70 people on Sundays as we meet in the home of a wonderful couple. On Mother's day our attendance will almost double for sure. Why? Because we will be moving into a school cafeteria. I can not count the number of people who have assured us that as soon as we have a place to meet that is not someone's home they will be sitting in the front row. Absurd?

What is the Purpose of a Purpose Driven Church?

I revealed once before that I go to a church that is modeled after Saddleback. We are not Saddleback nor do we ever plan to be, but we are loosely considered a purpose driven church. I fought long and hard against this stigma, until I really started to research what a purpose driven church is all about. Here are some interesting discoveries I have made.

A Confession

As I sat tonight thinking over my day I cried out to the Lord. I told Him about my failures as a mom today. My gracious heavenly Father said, "Get up tomorrow and try again." You see my oldest daughter and I have been having trouble lately. Im not sure if she is trying to assert her new 10 year old self or what, but my hair is coming out in clumps. Daily she is in trouble for yet another transgression. Today, after taking away an outing she was planning for this weekend, due to an act of willful disobedience she turned around and did something childish and then lied about it. This is an ongoing thing in our house lately. A not so smart move on her part and then a lie to try to cover it. She has a working understanding that the lie will ALWAYS get her in trouble, whereas the childish foolishness will probably only get a mild reprimand. When the lie popped out easy as you please I lost it and screamed at her for about 2 minutes. It was a bad time. Later, hubby asked how I could have handled it differently and I came up with a ton of ways. He is so good and patient, though I often tell him if he were the one home all day and having to put up with the child's attitude everytime he turned around it would be a different world. LOL. I dont mean that, he would probably still handle it perfectly.
Funny thing about this sweet little girl is she is my most forgiving child. By this evening we were talking again and she was loving on me. My husband worries about our relationship when she is grown, but I have a lot of confidence that out of all my girls she and I will weather the storms of life the best together. One day out of the blue she told me that I was just learning to be a mommy, just like she was learning to have a mommy. That about sums it up for both of us.

Thursday, April 26, 2007


This has been the busiest month. Im glad its almost over. Things are starting to wind down again. Portfolio evaluations went great. The house has a semblence of order to it. Im revamping our homeschool schedule and its a lot better. We were doing WAY TOO MUCH WORK. I realized at our portfolio evaluation that I had been on overdrive because I had to cram two years into one. Now, that the girls are on "grade level" I can step back some. We dont have to complete two years this next year. Only one. What a relief that was. It was great.
Im going to be cleaning out my drafts folder in the coming weeks so look for more postings. I dont even know what is in there right now. Just bits and pieces of stuff I wanted to post about, but knew I did not have enough time for.
I cant wait to write about the progress of our new church. Everything is going great.

Be Blessed.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Slow Monday

We seem to be getting a slow start around here today. I opened my eyes this morning and did a double take. It was already 9:45am. I hurriedly dressed and rushed to find out why my baby was not screaming. He was still asleep also. LOL. The girls were all laying in bed reading and my little boy was asleep still. I guess we had a long weekend. But we are all up now. The kids are finishing breakfast and then it will be chore time. We will just follow our routine. We will skip our morning walk and probably not get as much schoolwork done as I like, but its ok. Apparently we all needed the extra rest.

I have a lot to get done this week.
Adrian got a train table and a big Thomas the train set for his birthday. We made a space for it behind our couch.
I need to finish getting some clutter out of the great room though so the kids have plenty of room to play and we can actually walk around in here.
My computer desk is sagging under the weight of all the different papers it is holding so I need to go through those and get rid of what we dont need to keep and file what we do.
We have portfolio reviews on Wednesday for homeschool so I need to make sure our portfolios are in order. I also need to work on a reading list since I forgot to keep one this year. Yes, I know, Im a terrible homeschool mommy. Actually I never thought about it til the evaluator reminded me to bring my reading list.
And of course the everyday things of washing dishes and laundry.
Im hoping to get into the boy's room and give it a good cleaning this week also. Its gotten very cluttered and I need to go on a search and recovery mission for underwear. The last two loads my four year old has brought me to wash has had a total of three underwear. Thats the first clue that the boys room needs to be cleaned. LOL.
Karly is having a birthday on Thursday and a birthday party on Saturday. Just cake and ice cream at grandma's house for family and friends. She is so excited about it. I will make her cupcakes for Thursday and then I am making a cake for Saturday's party. She will be getting a sewing machine and kids sewing lessons from Joannes on Thursday from her daddy and I. She starts her sewing lesson on Saturday. They will be making a pillow. Im so impressed with how many kids classes they have there. They have knitting, quiliting, crocheting. Im excited for her, because momma is a slow learner and not ready to teach anyone any of these skills. Im actually considering taking the sewing class there for adults. Even though I had a sewing class already. I dont remember much from it. Ok well its time to get started on morning chores.

Be Blessed.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Confession Time

I did nothing on my March habits. AHHHHH!! March was a weird busy month. April is turning out to be the same. I have done one day of blogging in April. I have so much I want to write about and share. Im holding off on another habits post until May though. I will continue through this month to establish March's habits.
Im thinking of turning my blog into an accountability partner of sorts. Coming at the start of the day or week and talking about what needs to be accomplished and then checking in to see how I did that night. Not because I think what I do is ever so interesting that millions cant wait to read it, but it helps me keep track. I have been blogging since Febuary 1, 2005. I love reading some of my older posts and seeing where I came from. And hey if I get to make some friends through comments then thats a bonus. I heard an amazing speaker at my homeschool mom's meeting last night. She really opened my eyes to some stuff. I hope to put up a post about her in the next few days, but as I mentioned earlier we have had two really weird months. Oh well.
I have to go to bed. Im so sleepy. Night Night.

Be Blessed

March Habits
1. Start a notebook of all Im learning about health and nutrition. Sometimes my mind gets so bogged down with everything.
2. Get some Kefir starter to make my own kefir.
3. Plan smoothies for breakfast and snack at least 3 times a week.
4. Get up to 8 bottles of water a day.
5. Plan to start yeast free diet in April.

1. Dishes done every night before bed.
2. Sweep and Swiffer the kitchen every night.
3. Keep pantry organized
4. Get all of the boxes out of my kitchen! How did this get to be such a hotspot?
5. Keep computer desk cleaned off.

1. Look my children in the eye everyday and tell them how much I love them and how blessed I am to have them.
2. Pack a lunch for my hubby.
3. Assign a child to work with me in the kitchen every night.
4. Do scripture memorization with my kids every day.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Just a question...

Is anyone else alarmed by the amount of ignorance and apathy that is being seen more and more in the Christian community?
There are projects in the works right now that will be the beginning of the end for us and no one I talk to even knows about them. Heck, I did not know about them until about a year ago. Sneaking them in, sneaking them in.
We had a 10 almost 11 year old boy say something the other day that some people have never caught on to.
He said movies are changing so much. They used to bombard us with blood and violence and gore and now all the movies have gay people.
Did you notice that?
We grew accustomed to seeing the blood and violence and gore. We accepted it. Now its on prime time TV every night.
Now we are going being conditioned or have been conditioned to accept homosexuality. Churches are fighting over whether this is something we should condone or not. WHAT?! Can we not call sin, sin anymore?
Do you understand that one day it will be illegal to tell my children that homosexuality is wrong? Do you know there is a group of people called NAMBLA. You want to know what those letters stand for? North American Man Boy Love Association. In a nutshell NAMBLA wants to allow boys to give consent for sexual relations with men. Apparently we are oppressing our boys with this age limit thing. Did you know NAMBLA existed before now?
Do you know that with the new Hippa laws your 16 year old daughter can make it so you cant get any of her medical information without her consent. Yes, even if she is on your insurance. Yes, she could go to the doctor for an abortion or birth control and you would have no way of knowing. She could get treated for an STD and you would not have any RIGHT to know.
Do you know about the UN Rights Of A Child act? Its funny because I have read through a few different parts of it. Even dragging myself to the UN website *shudders*. It sounds great on paper. Fortunatly the lawyers at HSLDA have read through it and reported the cons of it.
If the United States becomes affiliated with the UN Rights of a Child act we could loose the right to "impose" our religion and morals on our children. We could loose the right to discipline our children in the way we choose. For some of us who believe in the the words of Proverbs we would loose Biblical discipline. We would literally have to hate our children, because thats what Proverbs says of the man who spares his child discipline. Have you looked into the UN Rights of a Child?
What about something a little bit more subdued?
Divorce? Do you know that divorce is higher among Christians right now? Christians? Doesnt God hate divorce? Yes, but God does not want us to be unhappy. I know two beautiful intelligent children whose home was recently ripped apart by divorce. The son just recently went from being an honor roll, all around good Christian kid to stealing his mom's car, having sexual intercourse with a girl, and dropping grades. People would argue that this couple should not have stayed together because they always fought and the wife was demeaning. It was not healthy for the children. Apparently it was more healthy than divorce.
GOD HATES DIVORCE! GOD HATES DIVORCE! If you stand up before God on your wedding day and vow to love, honor, and cherish the person in front of you til the day you die, you better durn skippy be ready to do that. God takes our vows and promises very seriously.
I have links and verses to add. Im tired and heading to bed. Im going to release this without it being complete because I am seriously interested in your thoughts pro and con. I want to know. Also if you know of something that I should know about please tell me. I dont want to be ignorant and apathetic. And lest anyone say anything. I am not perfect. I am washed in the blood of Jesus. Saved by the one who takes away all my sins. I am grateful for it every second of every minute of every hour of every day. But for the grace of God would I be a lost sinner living like a lost sinner.
I promise to soon be back to just journaling my life. I like the light side of things just as much as the next person. This is just something I needed to say. Something I needed to put out there for whatever reason.

Please be blessed!

Not to get too political but.....

I dont think I can vote for someone named

Barack Hussein Obama....

Just thought I would put that out there.

Of course I wont be voting for anyone who believes that the UN Rights of A Child Act should be taken on by the United States either. (Senator Clinton)

In all actuality, I will vote the way my husband votes. I can say with complete confidence that my husband will not vote for either one of the above mentioned people.
For those shaking their heads at me right now, I can also say with complete confidence that if either one of the above mentioned are actually elected we will respect them. We might disagree with them. We might be vocal in our disagreement, but when it all comes down to it you will not see us calling them names or going about the country and world disrespecting them. Its not classy and in my opinion its just plain rude. My children call President Bush, President Bush. Thats what we are teaching them. If (heaven help us) one day we have to utter the words President Obama or President Clinton we will do so.
But anyways. Thats my input into the primaries. If I get political it will only be every now and then.
Im trying to get hubby to start a blog and fill it with his political expertise. Then I could just link to him often. LOL

What in the world?

I have been so busy lately. Trying to catch up with homeschool. Trying to get my house cleaned up so I can get an estimate on floors. Trying to cook and eat healthier. Hubby had a birthday. Two more birthdays coming up. Some days I feel like Im running around in circles. I have three posts almost done. I will try to get them up today or tomorrow. I miss blogging!! :)

Be Blessed!