Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Three sisters

Sisters through and through, that's what my girls are. They laugh together, cry together, argue with one another, and fight to the death for the other. Sisters. I never had a blood sister growing up. Fortunately I found some wonderful older girls who semi-took the role.
I remember not long after I got engaged I emailed Roy's three sisters. I told them how excited I was to finally have sisters. Oh, if I only knew then what that would mean.

Various family squabbles through the years have put people in and out of touch with one another. The last time we were all together was in 2001 when the siblings came together for a picture session for their parents.
Through it all Ellen, the oldest, was a rock. She kept up with everyone. Her sisters talked to her daily. Through Ellen we found out what was happening with nieces and nephews. She was the peacemaker. She hated the fighting.

This past weekend I watched two sisters trying to cope and learn to function without the third sister. It was heartbreaking. I watched a little brother look around lost and dejected. I watched him cling to his two remaining sisters, one who'd refused to speak to him for years. Watched these three siblings remember the one who held them all together.
I thought about my three little girls. I wondered what adult life held for them and their relationships. I prayed and prayed for the three little sisters that I'd left back home. My girls. Would they watch out for one another? Would they protect one another? I watch them even now and know that they will.
I think about the sister gone. Taken from the lives of her little sisters and baby brother. She has through death accomplished one thing that I know she hoped to always accomplish. Unity. She left behind sisters and a brother who understand the importance of one another now.
At Thanksgiving this year we will all come together again with our families to remember the lost sister. Brother and sisters will be thankful for one another. For time spent together with families.
Thanks Ellen!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Prayer Request

My sister in law passed away suddenly last night. Please remember my husband's family in your prayers today.

Be Blessed!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm sure I have a post in here somewhere...

with pictures and everything. I just don't know what it is.
We are at a pretty busy time in life. Sick family members. Sick car/no car. Home education discoveries that are turning my well laid plans upside down. Relying on God for everything.
My children are happily playing with their cooking stuff while the real dinner is heating up.
Peace is coming to our home through conviction.
Lots and lots of stuff I can't wait to share, but my brain is too confused right now.
And of course there is the small problem of not knowing where my download cord is at the moment. That would be helpful.

What are you up to as we near the end of July? Are you already looking to Christmas? What about to the year beyond? Are you enjoying these last lazy days of summer?

Be Blessed!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Added to the bookshelf

(Click on picture to direct to Amazon)

I picked up this book at our local Christian bookstore the other day. I'd been waiting and waiting for them to get it in. I suggest everyone read this book.
I remember clearly about a year ago I listened to three mom's that I know of teenage girls talk about the boys coming around. "What can we do?" was the sigh by all three moms. I turned to tell them about courtship and then promptly stopped. They were all smiling about it. They honestly thought that any thing other than dating would never work. We could never ask these young girls to give up their "right" to date.
I climbed back into my shell and ashamedly did not even mention courtship or anything like it.
My daughter is only 12 what do I know anyway?

These kids are way to precious to me to just send out at 13,15,16 and say good luck! Hope you pick a winner! In the above mentioned book, Reverend Baucham suggests we not only protect our daughters and actively help them in choosing a mate, but that we also spend the time it takes to raise up young men to meet these expectations. Why should we focus only on training girls to be wives and mothers and forget that we need to train our sons to be husbands and fathers? As much as we need to show our girls the right way to find a mate we need to show our sons how to respect his future wife enough to be ready to court her properly.

This girl. My 12 year old, lives in a world where boys and dating and relationships are constantly thrust at her. On every tv show/movie geared toward her age every girl is interested in some boy or dating some boy.... we don't watch them here but she is still exposed no matter how careful we are. Even in church girls her age are going out on "dates" with boys. Sometimes with parents along, sometimes with friends. Twelve year olds?
I got this book for her mainly. So that we can know how to guide her. So she can see that there is an alternative.

These boys are going to grow to be men. I have a serious problem with the Peter Pan syndrome of today. Men who never grow up. I know one man who is going to be 40 soon. His ex girlfriend had his baby over a year ago. He picks him up on Saturday night, brings him back on Sunday night. His new girlfriend watches the baby. He balks at paying child support. Seriously? GROW UP!
Our boys are going to be raised to be responsible. When it's time, they will take a wife build a family. We are training them to be protectors, providers, priests, and prophets of their homes. And unless God wills it they will not be doing those things at 40.
Read the above referenced book.

These two little girls will hopefully benefit from any wisdom we pick up while charting these waters with their sister. At 9 and 7, they have not really noticed boys yet. Beyond their sister telling them about a cute boy.
One of the great illustrations used by Voddie Baucham and also by Paul Washer is a man's prized car. Maybe it's an extended cab brand new truck, shiny. Maybe it's a Porshe that a man saved his whole life for. Would he hand over the keys to this to a pimply faced boy of sixteen? No? Well then why would he hand over his precious 16 year old daughter?
Be Blessed!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Preachers I enjoy hearing

My preacher's wife told me sometime back that when her kids were growing up they listened to preacher's on the radio a lot. They are both grown now and both have relayed to her how much they learned from that.

I decided to make that a habit around here as well. First was the quest to find good solid preaching. WOW! There is a lot out there.

Sermonaudio is my favorite place on the web.

Especially since... this guy joined! WOOHOO!
Another favorite, when I am wanting to get hit between the eyes with a 2x4, which is often a lot more than you would think... LOL is this inspired man of God
I am sad to say that even as a Southern Baptist born and bred I was not very familiar with this man until my favorite preacher Voddie Baucham began to talk about him. Now, I am just thrilled with his sermons.
I like this man, and this man, and this man as well.
The great thing about sermonaudio is the awesome line up of preaching from classic preachers that they have.
and so many more! We put someone on while we clean or for our quiet times in the morning. I like to listen some more at night while I am buttoning up the house. When it's quiet time in the afternoon I will often play a sermon or two.
So many ways to get in the good preaching. I hope you all can find some time to enjoy them as well.
Be Blessed!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Through this season

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:1

As I grow older the above verse makes more and more sense to me. I understand the different seasons of my life a little bit more.

As the mother of children ranging in ages of 3-12 I realize that I am at a very unique season of life.

As the wife of a man with parents in their 70s I understand that this season is a time of selflessness.

The sandwich generation is what they are calling it. Adults who are caring not only for the needs of their own children, but also taking care of ailing parents.

This past week Dh and I experienced this in a whole new way. My father in law had hip replacement surgery so we loaded up our kids and our van and left on Thursday night. He had some complications so when we got there he'd been moved from his rehab back to the hospital. Fortunately my SIL, a CNA, was staying with his mother during this time so she was able to tell us about the complication and everything that went with it. In the end it turned out to be pretty minor and he was sent back to rehab on Friday.
Friday we took my SIL to the airport and it was game on for our family. We were left to care for my MIL. It was a very trying weekend and on Sunday Dh sent the kids and I home for a day or two of respite. I spent all day Monday in prayer and asking for prayer from others. I also started the second half of our school year. I knew due to certain circumstances that I would be able to successfully school at my in laws home on Wed. and Thurs. So instead of postponing everything I went ahead and started.
Tuesday afternoon I loaded the kids and the car back up and headed back down ready to be a better helpmeet to my husband.

The next few days were hard, but Roy and I had a couple of opportunities to share Jesus with my MIL. I was given new insight into the absolute utter lostness of man apart from Jesus that has completely changed my heart. With God's help I made it to Friday before I snapped and only just a little bit. My kids were able to see what a difference our home is to a lost person's home. They were also given opportunity to serve and honor their grandparents.
Through all the downs and downs God sustained us and made us stronger with every passing day. He gave my FIL healing in such a sense that we were able to return home as a family on Friday after he got out of rehab.
God has also given us some new decisions to make. One is whether we will be moving closer to them. They are only about 3.5 hours away right now, but that is still a hoof with a van full of kids. Also with a home of our own down there I believe we would be better able to minister to them physically and spiritually without neglecting our small children.
Roy is not really sure yet this is the direction he wants to take. It was hard on him the last few days. He is praying through the possibility. Me? My bags are packed. But then that's why I married a Mr. Steady to keep me from making rash moves.
In the end I realize I could have been more gracious and had more of a servant's heart. I am so thankful that God is teaching me through all of this. I am starting to see my theme for the year run it's way through this part of my life. The theme of choosing joy and letting go of my happiness. Maybe that's what the first half of the year was about. Getting me to this place where I can easily say that yes, moving closer to them is an option. An option I would be open to and sincerely content with.

Who knows where God is taking us this time. LOL

Be Blessed!