Saturday, December 18, 2010

My 6 Month Old

Was it not just yesterday I was pushing for two hours so I could meet my baby? Was it not just yesterday I was praying and calling out to God that he would save me from the threatened C-Section?
Where in the world have the last 6 months gone?
Miss Lily has become quiet the personality in the last 6 months.
She is for the most part a happy baby. She is her mommy's girl through and through. If I enter a room and neglect to talk to her or pick her up she will wail in protest no matter what mood she was in to begin.
She wrestles with me as I try to change her diaper or dress her. She wants to sit up or play with the stuff around her. She does not have time to be changed right now, thank you very much!
She can sit up unsupported for longer periods of time now. She can't quiet get herself into the sitting position, but if I tried as hard as she does I would have abs of steel right now. The belly crunches she does when trying to sit up are impressive.
She is very curious. Always looking around, grabbing at things, and talking to the objects around her.
She has experimented with this laughing thing though she is still trying it out. I love to hear the few giggles we can get.
She can pull up to a standing position with some help and this is her preferred position.
She loves her Lily Leap Up (or Johnny Jump Up). She can bounce in that for half and hour to an hour with no fussing.
She loves her brothers and sisters and absolutely ADORES her Jonathan. When he walks into a room her whole face lights up. The feeling is mutual.
She has just discovered babbling and she takes great delight in doing that.
She is a true miracle, I just wish time would slow down some...
Be Blessed!