Sunday, November 14, 2010

Merry Christmas

Is this not the best Christmas idea ever??
I gleaned it from Dollar Stretcher.
Give envelopes with a gift a month. For example:
One month could be for a night at the movies.
One month could be for lunch out.
One month could be for a trip to the park.
You get the idea.
Fantastic idea.
Just wanted to share that idea with ya'll.
What are some other ideas for an inexpensive Christmas? What would you include in your envelope a month?
Be Blessed!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

I just spent this last week in NC with some friends welcoming their second grand baby. A boy. The first for their oldest daughter. It was so much fun. I remember all to well snuggling up with this new mommy when she was a preschooler. Such memories. It's a joy to be home again. While, Roy, Lily and Kelsie were with me, I had to leave the rest of my little chicks behind with their grandma. I am so sincerely blessed to have such an amazing mom. She dropped everything to look out for my little ones. I am glad to be home to my nest and my babies. Right now they are all outside playing while daddy finishes cleaning out the car. I am supposed to be getting the house back in order and finishing up some school organizing that I never completed. It's why my school year has been so rotten thus far.

I just wanted to stop in here and say, "Hi!" While my blogging has been sporadic lately it is something I enjoy doing. I have not given it up. :) Needless to say my bedroom did not get finished this week. :) So, I will be aiming for next week.

I am blessed to be going to a wedding tomorrow of a wonderful friend. She is a widow with four beautiful children and God has now brought an amazing man in to come alongside her as a father figure. She is so excited. I can't wait. Next week is full of Drs. appts for my mom. Please pray that on Friday her surgeon will give her the ok to become mobile again. She is getting bored sitting at home. Wednesday our homeschool co-op is having a Thanksgiving feast. I can not believe how quickly this month is moving by.

Well, that is my week at a glance. I hope you all are going to have a blessed weekend and week as well.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

What happened?

Don't you love my new bedroom?? LOL
No, that is really not the finished product. I have been working steady but it took a little longer than the week I was hoping it would take. Illness, doctor's appts. and life in general just kind of took over. Not a bad thing, just slowed me down some. I'll be finishing the cleaning of my room this week and working in the boys room as well. I'm so excited because once I get all the clutter out of the bedrooms and give them a good scrub down I am going to be adding some things to really make the rooms shine. I love fall for all of the colors and freshness. The coziness and the smells. That's what I want for my home.
Be Blessed!