Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Can you tell what I'm doing?

All images are from BHG.com
I am busy, busy, busy preparing for baby. I know I keep promising a belly pic and I really will get one. I meant to get one today but I put on my working clothes before I could. Trust me, no one wants to see me in my working clothes. LOL
We finished the floors in our bedroom and one more coat of paint aught to finish the walls. Then I will set up her corner of the room. I have already pulled all of the newborn and 0-3 month clothes out. I bought most of her blankets the other day though I do have some material to make about three more receiving blankets. I will start that project tomorrow.

My Dr. decided to induce Monday the 21st. I was fighting it for awhile but I think I have almost decided to do it. I will be 39w which is when they like to induce diabetic patients. Everything looks great for me so I was actually going to try to wait one more week. I still don't know for sure yet. I keep praying for some guidance but have not really heard anything either way. I don't want to be induced. I don't want an epidural and I was afraid I would have to have one with the pain of induction. I have read a few accounts lately of women not having epidurals with induction. I'm still wavering. I am probably going to call my OB tomorrow and ask him to talk me through some stuff.
The good news is that at 38 weeks I was 4cm dilated and 70% effaced. He might just have to break my water. I know still painful but not Pitocin. My prayer is that she actually decides to come this week and make all my decisions moot. That would be awesome! I have some contractions at night but nothing regular. What a wonderful Father's Day present that would be!
Be Blessed!


  1. Oh no my friend - no induction!!! Baby is on her way - she's already giving you the signs...she'll assuredly come when SHE'S ready! God knows what is best, let Him take care of it for you! I'm going to start praying that you go into full-blown labor so those docs don't have a choice! Waiting for those belly pics :o)

  2. Julie, I need your home addy!! How do we go about this? Email me: dlbutterfield (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Luv ya ~ Can't wait!!

  3. To encourage you, I was also faced with the possiblity of induction and have read varrious accounts as well. I have heard many say that it went very well and they could cope with the induction. Labor is hard no matter how it starts :) I love the pictures and can't wait to see your baby. My due date was yesterday and I am still pregnant. :)

  4. So excited for you! I will be praying for you during this waiting time. I will be looking forward to the first pictures of this precious new life! Blessings to you and baby!


  5. You'll do great no matter what happens. I had to be induced with all six of my babies. I was able to have a pain-med free birth with 4 of them even with that horrible pitocin. Can't wait to hear how everything turns out!