Saturday, June 12, 2010

Almost 38 weeks

Still hanging in there. I will try to get an updated belly picture today or tomorrow. Let's just say it's HUGE! Tomorrow I will be 38 weeks. At the OB on Monday I was 3-4cm dilated, 50%effaced, and 0 station. I have had some contractions since then but nothing noticeable really.
My OB was really pleased with my progress and said that if he has to induce all he will probably need to do is break my water. I'm pushing him to the full 40 weeks, though I have agreed to be induced after that. It's a compromise I made with my DH. I am hoping that extra week will do it for me and I can start labor on my own.
I am OBSESSED with cleaning, organizing, decorating, and crafting right now. The only problem is that the C.O. and D (cleaning, organizing and decorating) is centered on my bedroom. The rest of the house can survive without me. I think it's because Lily will be moving into our room.
Dh is finishing my floors today and Tuesday (if Lily stays put) he will be painting for me. He might even start tomorrow. Yes, I know it's Sunday but time is running out folks! :)
Monday I have a fluid scan and NST in the A.M., then we are going to pick up Lily's bed and a few other essentials, and then I have my OB appt in the afternoon. It's gonna be a full day.

I had a wonderful baby shower with my church last Sunday. I got lots of clothes and baby dolls for my baby. We did not get anything on our registry so there are a few things I have to pick up still. We will do that on Monday when we get the bed.
We seem to be set for clothes through about 9m so that works. By set I mean the child has about 4 outfits a day. LOL I thought about weeding out some of the clothes passed down to me, but they are all so cute. Believe it or not I have no receiving blankets/burp cloths for this baby. I remember with Jonathan I was loaded with those. I thought the girls and I might whip up a few on our own. Good practice for us. :)
Well that's my baby update. I will try to get a belly pic and some pictures of the outfits my mom bought her oh and some really cute things that were made for me and baby up tomorrow or Monday.
I am having so much fun planning for this baby! We have one week of school books left. After that we are off though I did schedule in some read alouds and narrations. But that's not really school it's to much fun! :)
Be Blessed!

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  1. Wow you're doing great!! I am almost 40 weeks and because of my blood pressure my doc was talking about inducing as well. I am hopeful that labor will start spontaneously any minute.
    I can't wait to see your update and baby pictures :) Congrats!!